The Naked Diet author and food blogger who has been linked to Harry Styles

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TESS Ward has been steadily building a reputation in the world of food but shot to fame this year after she was photographed in Harry Styles car.

So, what exactly do we know about the queen of the “clean living” diet who caught Harry’s attention and felt the wrath of One Directioners? Here’s the lowdown…

Who is Tess Ward, how old is she and what’s her background?

Tess Matilda Ward was born in London in March 1990, making her 27.

She is the only daughter of Kit (Christopher) and Kate, a yoga teacher, but has a younger brother named Dashiell (Dash) Ward, who’s 22 and at Uni.

Tess grew up with her family near Oxford, but studied History of Art at the University of Leeds.

It’s here that she developed a taste for cooking, citing a “big kitchen, lots of hungry friends and a strict budget” as the catalysts.

At the age of 18 she spent a month travelling in India, but picked up a parasite which caused her to rethink her diet and approach to eating.

She was eventually cured by a clinical nutritionist.

After graduating, Tess enrolled at Le Cordon Blue where she received professional chef training. She also spent spells training at River Cottage and The Ritz.

What is Tess Ward best known for?

Tess has been dubbed “cooking’s new golden girl” by fans.

She’s best-known for her cookbook The Naked Diet (available from Amazon), which she describes as “celebrating unprocessed ‘naked’ ingredients”.

She claims that the diet “takes a stripped back approach to the food that you eat, that will give you more energy, help you lose weight and cleanse your body”.

The book has received a number of poor reviews on Amazon since Tess started dating Harry Styles.

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